We’ve got a good thing going here in the Great PNW, and Your Northwest is proud to be a part of it.

Your Northwest was born and developed from URM – a 100-year-old co-op made up of over 200 grocery stores in 4 states in the Pacific Northwest. At these stores, we have a family of exclusive brands including pantry and household essentials that you can find at your locally-owned grocery stores. When you shop at Your Northwest stores and see our family of exclusive brands, you can trust that you are buying local, supporting your neighbors, and strengthening your community.

We encourage you to consider the benefits of shopping local since we all know where you shop matters.

  • All products meet quality standards

  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability

  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth


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Why Shop Local?

Keep Your Tax Dollars Local Local businesses help their neighborhoods by providing infrastructure and support to the city and county tax base. Due to the fact that local businesses don’t outsource, their dollars are recycled back into the community – adding value to the neighborhood by increasing its overall income.

Local Stores Listen – Local businesses listen to what their patrons want, and stock their shelves accordingly; therefore, providing a more unique array of products that will surely satisfy their neighborhood.

Community Supporters – On average, local businesses support non-profits at a higher rate than chain stores. This not only supports their own community, but encourages entrepreneurial growth!

Support Your Neighbor, Support Your Northwest – Local businesses strengthen the economy of every community. By supporting each other within a community, it creates a domino effect that can preserve a neighborhood even in a period of slow economic growth.

Environmental Impact is Reduced – Locally owned grocery stores are usually found thriving within neighborhoods or city centers instead of developing on the border. This allows for residents to spend less time traveling (and polluting the air) and more time enjoying a local shopping experience. 

Community Comes First Local business owners live in the community they serve – this not only reduces their decision to move, but also increases their assets within the community – therefore strengthening the community’s future!

Increase Employment Rate – Did you know that local businesses not only provide jobs for residents but are also one of the largest employers nationwide?

Promote Local ProsperityResearch shows that business owners and experienced employees often live and invest in their local communities to help preserve the characteristics of locally owned businesses.

Stay in the Neighborhood For many rural communities, making a trip to a larger chain grocery store can result in a serious investment of time and money. Why waste that precious time and money when similar products can be found just a few blocks away? 

Support Local As a locally owned, independent grocery store, we offer more local products than the chain stores.

Close-Knit Community A locally owned grocery store caters to the culture of the neighborhood they serve. The foundation of a community is based off of where one lives, shops and plays – and locally owned businesses play a vital part in how the community comes together.

Better Service is a Promise Locally owned grocery stores tend to hire those with knowledge of the products they are selling to ensure that all customers receive top-notch products, recommendations and service.

Fresh Produce When it comes to the freshness of a product, choosing quality almost always trumps big-box, bulk alternatives 

Keep the Cash at Home Did you know that 45% of the revenue made at a locally owned grocery store remains within the local community? Compared to chain stores, they only keep 14% local and a majority of that is to payroll!  – Forbes

Keep the Cash at Home Locally owned grocery stores keep 45% of their revenue within their local community, with an additional 9% remaining within the state! That’s over 50% of the revenue staying (somewhat) local! – Forbes

Exceptional Service Local grocers LOVE the opportunity to offer superior, first-rate service to all of their guests. Can you remember the last time that happened at a grocery chain? 

Featured Brand

At Merchant’s Craft, our Northwest is found in every product we make. From our unique regional flavors to our local bottling, production, and distribution networks, we’re guided by the desire to create quality products that are rooted in the Northwest community.

And because our products are available exclusively at independently owned Northwest grocery stores, you’ll know you’re supporting a local business owner whenever you see the Merchant’s Craft brand. Find our new Trail Mix in-stores now!