Where are your northwest locally owned stores located?

Check out our Store Locator here: https://findyournorthwest.com/find-a-location-near-you/ to help you find a locally owned grocery store near you!

If I am unable find a Your Northwest product in-store, am I able to special order it? // If an item I want is out of stock, what do I do?

Most of our stores will accommodate special orders upon request and most out-of-stocks are temporary.  We encourage to speak with the store manager.

Do your locally owned grocery stores deliver to businesses?

Any delivery services offered are unique to each Your Northwest retailer.  This would be a topic to discuss with an employee of the store at which you shop.

What is your return policy?

We offer a ‘Double Your Money Back” guarantee on our entire family of brands.  To learn more about our brands and products visit our EXCLUSIVE BRANDS page! 

What type of payments are accepted?

Most of our stores accept all standard forms of payment.  Contact any of our stores directly for clarification.

Why does shopping locally matter?

When you shop at Your Northwest stores and see our family of exclusive brands, you can trust that you are buying local, supporting your neighbors and strengthening your community – and who doesn’t love that? 

Why do certain food items say distributed in an area not located in the Pacific Northwest?

Like all grocery stores, we source products from around the country and even internationally to ensure constant supply.  This also allows us to provide national brand quality at an affordable price. Several of our items are produced in the North West including our entire offering of soda, mixers and sparkling waters under our Merchant’s Craft Brand!