Shopping local keeps profits local, allows for more local products on shelves, and supports your own friends and neighbors.
Urm is a local shopping guide, bringing attention to local products and highlighting the reasons consumers prefer shopping local. Branded alongside Your Northwest, Urm gives the Your Northwest campaign new legs, and takes its message one step further.
The strategy behind Urm is to create consistent and ongoing support for all the reasons our consumers already prefer local. With Urm, we don’t need to change buying attitudes, we just need to remind and reinforce – ‘Where You Shop Matters’
Initially, consumers will meet Urm at the store entrance with a brief introduction to the program. Then throughout the store, in both fun and engaging ways, Urm will reinforce the message while also pointing out local products.
Overall, Urm is intended to be a drip-style experience. Over the course of weeks and months, consumers will be given multiple opportunities to take in the Your Northwest message. Over time, we intend to swap our featured products as well, allowing Urm to promote the ‘Where You Shop Matters’ message as well as support specific Northwest products.