Saint Maries Harvest Foods

Saint Maries Harvest Foods

Welcome to Saint Maries Harvest Foods in Idaho! Apart of URM since 1982. Customers are the best part of the day this stores employees are happy to report, as this sleepy store sits in the mountain and river filled valleys where the outdoorsy and locals roam. They are confident in providing you with the most excellent customer service, biggest selections, produce, meat, and bakery in the area. Plan on heading down to Saint Maries Idaho to attend Paul Bunion days, log-related events and fireworks during labor day weekend! Don’t forget to stop by Saint Maries Harvest Foods and grab a tub of Cow belle Creamery Ice cream, their favorite exclusive brand!

Contact The Store

(509) 922-3278

11205 E Dishman-Mica Frontage Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

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